Real Dominoes

Real Dominoes 1.0

Real Dominoes is an excellent game for those who like playing table games
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Real Dominoes is an excellent game especially for people who like playing this kind of table games.
When starting the game the player will have the possibility of selecting how many players will be part of the game. The player will have three options: two players, three players and four players.

When the game starts the player and the opponent are given certain amount of dominoes to use during the round. The player will have to see which domino is suitable with reference to the one the opponent is showing. The player will have to click on the domino with the left button of the mouse to place it on the screen. If the player has no suitable domino to use, the bank will provide the player another domino. The one who runs out of dominoes first is the one who will win the game. So it’s very important to think fast and not to make any mistakes.

It is a simple game of dominoes, but the color is excellent, it is very real and without doubts the game will catch you. The player will feel that he is been part of a real domino play.

Review summary


  • Very entertaining
  • Nice colors
  • Easy to play


  • A bit boring for kids
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